Colombia - Montebello - Washed

Colombia - Montebello - Washed

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Origin: Colombia
Region: Urrao, Antioquia
Farm: Montebello
1,850 - 2,050 MASL
Processing Facility: On-Site
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Tabi
Processing Method:
Tasting Notes: 
Juicy Citrus, Velvety Body, Sweet Finish

Our green importer has been trying to source coffee from the San Martin Origin group for years with no luck as the group was at volume capacity. Instead this year they had the fortune to work directly with one of the groups suppliers. We present the Colombia Montebello.

The coffees that make up Montebello are harvested from March through April when the coffee cherries reach peak ripeness in the high elevation of the region. This elevation and harvest timing both contribute to the vibrant, distinct acidity in this beautiful washed lot. Once harvested, the coffee goes through a simple fermentation for 36 hours before being washed twice to remove all mucilage. The coffee is then transferred to patios where it dries in open air, under sunlight to reach its ideal moisture content of 11.4%.

While we love supremely clean, interesting naturals and anaerobic lots, we keep our eyes out for coffees that are striking in terms of quality and structure. This coffee hit all of those marks and more, giving us juicy citrus notes that are balanced by a big, velvety body, and a sugary sweetness in the finish.