Group Ride - Rotating Blend

Group Ride - Rotating Blend

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Rotating Tri-Blend
Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
Processing Method: Washed & Natural
Tasting Notes: 
Pear Cider, Graham Cracker, Red Currant

Group Ride is our rotating blend highlighting the evolution in coffee and on our bicycles. We wanted to create a blend that reminds us of the group rides that we love; fun, flexible and approachable. We bring new coffees to the blend like bringing new friends to a group ride. As seasons change so does the blend, always reliable but still fun and fresh. Watch our Instagram story @prestacoffee to find us at an occasional group ride in Tucson.

Blending coffee is a good way to create a balanced coffee that is easy to brew well with less concern for your brewing method, equipment, or technique. We choose coffees that we initially sourced to be offered as a single origin, roast them using the same attention to detail that we use for every bean, and blend them after roasting to provide a consistent flavor profile. 

The current Group Ride is an equal part tri-blend that includes a washed process Ethiopia with two natural process coffees, one from Nicaragua, and the other from Costa Rica. Use it for a pour-over, espresso, cold brew, or your preferred brew method.