Colombia - Oliver Cortez - Natural

Colombia - Oliver Cortez - Natural

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Origin: Colombia
San Bernardo
Farm & Farmer: El Triunfo, Oliver Cortez
1800 MASL
Processing Facility: Delagua Coffee Paradise
Varietal: San Bernado
Processing Method: 
Tasting Notes:
Bubble Gum, Raw Honey, Strawberry, Kiwi

Delagua Coffee Paradise project uses practices from the Neighbors and Crops relationship program that enables local coffee producers to sell their coffee in cherry to be processed by La Palma y El Tucan. By adopting this practice, the Delagua project is able to encourage good farming practices, produce fantastic coffee, and pay small-scale producers a higher price than the average in the country. This project also aims to use water conservation as it’s mission; using minimum amounts of water in processing, and encouraging the team, and traditional coffee growers inhabiting the region to become extensions of the natural biodiversity.

Oliver Cortez is a second generation coffee farmer and has been working in coffee since 1995. He inherited the farm, El Trufino, from his parents, which is situated at 1800 MASL in Huila. The San Bernado Varietal is a natural mutation of Typica originating in Guatemala and rarely found in Colombia. The San Bernado trees are smaller with a low yield, and have no leaf rust resistance, but produce a unique profile.

Natural processed coffee uses the least amount of water and energy to accomplish the same goal of removing the coffee seed (bean) from the coffee cherry. Once harvested the coffee cherries are spread out to dry without removing any of the coffee skin or fruit mucilage. The cherries can be dried in any number of ways, sun or shade, concrete pads or raised beds, mounded or flat, 10 days or 28 days, and with each variation from each producer, a slightly different result. Once the cherry is dried it is sent through a dry mill (often a regional facility) that removes the skin, (dry) fruit matter, and parchment layer at the same time. Though it is common practice to combine the green coffee from multiple farms to create a lot big enough for green coffee buyers (like us) to be interested, we also source single farm, natural process coffees.

This years coffee from Oliver Cortez is just a delicious as last years offering and very similar. This lot went through a 120 hour fermentation in open tanks (aerobic), before being dried in the coffee fruit for 15 days with natural ventilation. Through the long fermentation encourages the coffee to develop a deep honey sweetness and brighter fruit notes like strawberry and kiwi.