Ethiopia - Karamo - Anaerobic Natural - 6oz

Ethiopia - Karamo - Anaerobic Natural - 6oz

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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Faysel Abdosh
1900-2300 MASL
Processing Facility: Gera Agnea Washing Station
Varietal: 774110, 74158 (Mixed Ethiopia Heirloom)
Processing Method:
Anaerobic Natural
Tasting Notes:
Blueberry, Boysenberry, Strawberry, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate

With the strong history of coffee production in the Sidama region it can be difficult for change to happen. Tradition often has a strong hold, so the new, exciting, fermentation techniques take a backseat to the tried and true methods. These new methods are always more intensive than the classic Natural process of Ethiopia, where farmers would dry their cherries on the roof and use a stone mill to extract the coffee bean. This bean is a high risk, high reward fermentation, that is a shining example of modern coffee. From trees that have been intentionally selected from the many Ethiopia Heirloom varietals that exist, processed with a distinct fermentation technique, but still dried on raised "African beds", it embraces both the tradition and evolution of coffee processing.

Anaerobic Processing is the use of controlled fermentation to manipulate the sugars and acids present in coffee cherries changing the flavor profile of the bean. All coffee goes through a low level of fermentation (in the cherry, after picking and before processing), but using a yeast mother mix, lactobacillus cultures, or other media (like co-ferments using fruit juice) to soak the cherries, producers can manipulate the coffee to create a wide variety of flavor compounds. This processing method is constantly evolving as farmers experiment with new techniques (original "fermentation" technique is the Natural Process) but usually the Anaerobic Processing starts with sealing the coffee cherry (still in its skin) inside large plastic barrels or Grain-Pro coffee bags full of liquid (or sometimes gasses). A one way valve allows the oxygen to purge as the coffee cherries release their own gas (CO2). The coffee is left in the oxygen free environment for anywhere from a few hours up to a week. Once the fermentation is complete the cherries can be either de-pulped, washed, and dried (Washed Anaerobic), or it can be left to dry in the cherry before being sent through a dry mill (Natural Anaerobic).

This particular coffee went through an intensive and long process to build upon the incredible beans that the Karamo microclimate produces. After the initial sorting the cherries are sealed in barrels, and the barrels are submerged in concrete holding tanks with water kept between 15C to 18C (59F-65F). This slows the fermentation significantly allowing them to develop the fermentation for 7 days, without creating the overly funky notes that sometimes dominate a coffee that went through that long of a fermentation (at a higher temp). Once the cherries are removed from the tanks they go through a quick-dry stage to get them to 35% moisture, before being moved to raised and covered beds to finish drying over 30 days. We found layers of ripe berries, an undeniable sweetness, and lingering notes of dark chocolate on our cupping table. Due to limited quantities we are offering this in 6oz bags only. Get it while it lasts.