Ethiopia - Demicha - Sundried

Ethiopia - Demicha - Sundried

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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji Zone, Demicha Village
Farmer: Small Farmers
2175 MASL
Processing Facility: Welichu Waichu
Varietal: Locally Selected Varietals
Processing Method:
Sundried Natural
Tasting Notes:
Green Grape, Meringue, Nougat

Welichu Waichu Industry coordinates buying, processing, and exporting. They operate four processing facilities and work with producers in eight of the kebele (Wards) all within the Guji Zone. This coffee is from the Demicha Village (Subregion), Harsu Haro Muda Kebele, Uraga Wordea (District), in the Guji Zone.

Natural processed coffee uses the least amount of water and energy to accomplish the same goal of removing the coffee seed (bean) from the coffee cherry. Once harvested the coffee cherries are spread out to dry without removing any of the coffee skin or fruit mucilage. The cherries can be dried in any number of ways, sun or shade, concrete pads or raised beds, mounded or flat, 10 days or 28 days, and with each variation from each producer, a slightly different result. Once the cherry is dried it is sent through a dry mill (often a regional facility) that removes the skin, (dry) fruit matter, and parchment layer at the same time. Though it is common practice to combine the green coffee from multiple farms to create a lot big enough for green coffee buyers (like us) to be interested, we also source single farm, natural process coffees.

Grown at 2175 MASL, this coffee is harvested and transported to the Welichu Waichu processing facility. The cherries are floated to remove any debris, as well as overripe or underripe cherries (that have different densities). Then the cherries are spread out to dry in the sun until they reach 11% moisture. Once fully dried they go through the dry mill removing the dried fruit mucilage and parchment layer before being graded. We get a lovely green grape acidity with the sweetness of a meringue.