Mexico - Dana Montana - Organic Washed

Mexico - Dana Montana - Organic Washed

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Origin: Mexico
Farmer: Small Producers
690 MASL
Processing Facility: Local Wet Mill
Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade
Processing Method:
Tasting Notes:
Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Trail Mix

Named after one of the traders, Dana, who makes all of the Mexico purchases for Atlas Coffee Importers: this offering comes from six cooperatives, made up of 2991 members, holding both Organic and Fairtrade certifications.

The washed process is when the coffee cherries have the skin, fruit mucilage, and parchment layer removed quickly after picking. The cherries are initially sent through a de-pulper to remove the skin and majority of the mucilage before being soaked (technically fermentation) in large tanks to loosen the mucilage that remains attached. The beans are then flushed with water to rinse them clean and sent through a wet mill to remove the parchment layer. The drying can be done either in a variety of ways, large industrial dryers for faster drying in more humid less sunny places, or, more often, large concrete pads, or raised beds where the coffee needs to be turned by hand to ensure consistent drying. Finally they are sent through a dry mill to remove the final protective layer around the beans, the parchment layer. Once the parchment is removed the beans are ready for sorting and grading.

This coffee is grown at an altitude of 690 MASL in the Chiapas region, the ripe cherries are picked daily, and then brought to the wet mill where they are mechanically de-pulped. The coffee goes through a short fermentation to loosen the remaining mucilage before finishing the washing process. The coffee is then dried on patios at the homes of the producers.